What is Vespa?

VESPA was developed after observing the incredible performance of the Asian Mandarin Wasp, vespa mandarinia. This predatory wasp performed its daily feat of incredible strength & endurance primarily utilizing the fat stored in its thorax catalyzed by the peptide fed to it from the larvae. This naturally-occurring peptide is a key ingredient (wasp extract) of VESPA.

Since VESPA’s inception athletes using VESPA have won competitions and set World Records at the very highest levels of competition in sports ranging from the Olympic Marathon to Figure Skating, however, the connection was never made with consumers pursuing athletic endeavors because “experts” and sports physiology textbooks have been telling us to avoid fat, fat makes us fat and that fat can only serve as a fuel for low intensity to mid-level intensity metabolism in athletes.

In the past decade the ultra-endurance sports have seen record-shattering wins and performances by athletes using VESPA and it’s OFM program. These out-sized performances are consistent and not one time performances. Not only are elite ultra-endurance athletes enjoying the benefits of VESPA and OFM but many older age-group athletes are consistently performing at levels many would not considered possible for humans of any age!

While VESPA has retained a dedicated following most athletes cannot wrap themselves around the premise of fat-fueled performance because of the carbohydrate centric, fat phobic group-think. In spite of these winning performances there exists a psychological disconnect because VESPA’s fat driven approach defies what most people have been led to believe.

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Vespa and OFM

VESPA is an integral part of the OFM protocol. Observationally, VESPA plays a central role in driving high level fat metabolism but also allows athletes to take greater advantage of the carbohydrates they use in the diet and during fueling for endurance sports and yield the winning/record setting results and PR/PB’s performances VESPA/OFM athletes are experiencing.

Our speculation is VESPA keeps the athlete “locked into” high level fat metabolism even when concentrated carbohydrates are introduced back into the diet and during fueling and the high insulin sensitivity gained from the physiological shift to the “Fat-Adapted metabolic State” allows the carbs to be quickly and sustainably be converted to energy for only the very peak part of the aerobic spectrum and any surges into the anaerobic spectrum of metabolism.

Performance is only half of the story. Using VESPA and OFM these same athletes experience greater health, less injury and are better able to handle the training and competing loads.

Because VESPA drives high level fat metabolism, many athletes have also successfully used VESPA to “jump start” their fat metabolism as they transition off of carbohydrate dependency.

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