Individual Variations and Variables

The genetics card is in inevitably one of the first mentioned when it comes to variability and one most people resign themselves to as fate. While genetics play a key role, it is crucially important to understand environmental factors (variables) influence genetic expression. This is the emerging field of epigenetics ( Defective genetic lines tend to be eliminated pretty quickly in nature so if your family’s genes got you this far it is a pretty fair bet the genetic expression is triggered by other factors than simply your genetics alone. So, while the basic principles of OFM apply to virtually all athletes how each athlete achieves results is highly individualised due to the myriad of variables involved and their dynamic interactions. Finally, do NOT let the complexities scare you! Understand this is complex, but also recognise that by understanding the basics of the how variables influence your physiology and following the basic guidelines outlined in OFM achieving success is easily attainable for just about anyone!

Common Key Variables


  • Age
  • Gender (for females this includes where you are in your menstrual cycle or peri-/post- menopausal etc.)
  • Genetics/Ethnic background
  • Diet & Fueling
  • Stomach & Gut Health including Biome
  • Profession / Lifestyle (re: stress load)
  • Training including Rest & Recovery


  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Inside/Outside
  • Sun Exposure
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