Altitude Training for Performance

What are the benefits of Altitude Training?

The benefits of Altitude Training are significant and are the reason many top athletes and sporting teams use AT as part of their fitness regime.


Increased endurance, stamina and strength
Increased output, power and speed
Reduced recovery time
Less injury downtime and maintenance of cardiovascular fitness during injury
Increased energy levels and an enhanced feeling of wellness
More efficient oxygen transportation and utilisation
Increased V02 max*

*The maximum capacity of the body to transport and use oxygen during incremental exercise (exercise that increases in intensity).

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What is Altitude Training?

Training at altitude has been used to improve athletic performance for decades with athletes travelling to remote destinations at high altitudes to gain the benefits of exercising and living in oxygen-reduced environments.

In more recent years, new technologies have meant that athletes no longer have to travel. Simulated Altitude Training (SAT) involves exercising in, living in or otherwise breathing oxygen-reduced air.

When the human body is exposed to oxygen-reduced environments (also known as hypoxia) it struggles to produce required amounts of energy with less available oxygen.

This struggle triggers the onset of various physiological adaptations – nature’s way of coping with the reduced levels of oxygen through enhancing the efficiency of the body’s respiratory, cardiovascular and oxygen utilisation systems.

One of these physiological changes is the activation of Erythropoietin Hormone (EPO) and transferrin, involved in iron metabolism, which stimulates the generation of red blood cells (RBCs) and haemoglobin. This increases oxygen transportation through the body and to the working muscles.

It has only been in recent years, however, that SAT technology has been readily accessible to people other than elite athletes.

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Hit Higher Highs

We offer the most innovative and scientifically tested technology on the market combined with advanced training methods and highly experienced trainers.

If you want to fast-track your fitness and attain increased strength, endurance, speed and power, HHH altitude training is the answer.

Our altitude training systems and programs are the most successful natural way to achieve your goals in the fastest possible time, no matter what sport you play or what physical challenges lay ahead.

With HHH Altitude Training, you can reach your peak physical abilities and elevate your performance to its maximum potential, no matter what your age, level of fitness or experience.

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What we provide

Hit Higher Highs provides:

  • Altitude Training Systems
    We are the sole Australian distributor of Hypoxico Altitude Training equipment, the number one brand in the USA using the most innovative, scientifically-tested and researched technology.
  • Altitude Training Programs
    The most successful natural way to achieve your goals in the fastest possible timeframe. We will be with you every step of the way, giving you the benefit of our advanced training methods and highly experienced staff. We will make sure you engage in proper and safe training methods, while pushing your body to new limits.
  • Tailored Solutions
    We will create a program that is specifically designed for you and meets your needs and budget. Our wide range of Hypoxico products allow you to experience the numerous benefits of Altitude Training in your own home, workplace or training facility.
  • Nutrition Products
    We believe that getting and staying fit should be a holistic experience addressing both external and internal factors.
  • Industry Systems
    If you are a personal trainer, physiotherapist or sports coach, talk to us about tailored programs that you can deliver to your clients. We can also design customised altitude training systems for health centres and gyms.

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