Concentrated Carbs as Legal PED

The way we suggest people actually view concentrated forms of carbohydrates is as a legal PED (PED=Performance Enhancing Drug) as they meet the criteria: 

  • Do they boost performance?
  • Are they addictive?
  • Are there serious consequences to overuse?
  • Is performance/health compromised long term? 

While carbohydrates can and do boost performance (a good thing) the concept of “CHO as a legal PED” becomes clear when you understand…..

  1. Carbohydrates actually are NOT an essential macronutrient for humans
  2. How addictive they are physiologically, emotionally and psychologically
  3. The real and serious physiological, metabolic, hormonal consequences which result from over-consumption of concentrated forms of CHO.
  4. When over-consumed, their impact on health and performance.

……then you can see why it is important to utilize concentrated forms of CHO “Strategically” and judiciously to maximize the benefits, obtain your personal performance & health potential while eliminating/minimizing/mitigating downside risks.

Jade Korosec


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