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Altitude training solutions for weight loss

Training your heart, body and soul but not seeing the results? Feeling tired, frustrated, and wanting to give up or give in?

 No change in performance is hard. Some of our clients know that feeling.

The frustration that comes from pushing your body to the limit without subsequent success is unparalleled.

Luckily, you’ve arrived at the right place.

After we get to know you we can dive right into transforming your training, nutrition, and lifestyle to get the results you’ve been craving.

The deep importance of balance and quality in training and lifestyle versus constant intensity and quantity sets apart this approach from the style of training that often ends in a crash and burn-out situation.

If this approach sounds like it will work for you, come on board.

Your best performance and best life is right around the corner

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Why are our programs so successful?

You’ll begin your time with us with a detailed questionnaire and consultation to find out about where you have been with fitness and where you want to go. We want to know your struggles, your triumphs, and what goals we will reach together, crafting the ultimate training and nutrition plan to get you there.

We will teach you commitment and accountability tools that will keep and build your motivation without overwhelming your life with too many unrealistic changes.

Developing new key habits for life changes.

We focus on your happiness, health, balance, and enjoyment of life above what the scale says. If you are ready to begin your fitness/ health journey with healthy and stable tactics, look no further.

Let us tailor a program for you!

What our clients have to say...

  • I came to Naomi for some coaching advice back in March 2016. At the time I had been just coming back from an injury. When we first started working together I was primarily a runner. However, after less then one year of working with her I now officially consider myself an athlete. From triathlons, to obstacle course racing, to ultra running this lady has helped me achieve goals beyond my wildest dream. She rouse to every occasion, keeping training fun, creative and stress free. I learnt the difference between quality and quantity. I also learnt how to let go of the outcome and just trust in the process. I gained a trust and built a very special relationship with her. I don't just consider Naomi a coach, she's a best friend and someone I truly admire. From talking about training loads to personal life she was always there for me.
    Arielle Fitzgerald