‘Strategic’ Carbohydrates

By getting into or very near Nutritional Ketosis this has the effect of lowering insulin & increasing insulin sensitivity so the body does not lose significant capability to quickly metabolize carbs/sugars when ingested during training or competition. In fact, BECAUSE those carbs are being ingested on top of a large fat burning base and the body is insulin sensitive, insulin actually works better than ever to facilitate getting them into the cells and metabolized into energy VERY quickly as they are suppose too but in a sustainable way. Athlete feedback confirms (observationally) “strategic” carbohydrate intake actually has a much stronger and lasting effect when the athlete is of fat-adapted (keto-adapted) and using VESPA when following the OFM protocol.

As a general guideline it is recommended athletes ratchet down concentrated carbohydrate sources in their daily diet as much as possible most days, especially in recovery but, once OFM adapted (i.e. fat adapted or keto adapted), they can “sneak” some carbs into the diet prior to a long training session or competition. Depending upon the event and intensity level sneaking back those carbs can occur up to 3 nights out to the night before for a marathon or 50K to only the night before for a 100 Miler…..the higher the intensity and shorter the event the sooner carbs are raised. When insulin levels are low and insulin sensitivity high we have observed that athletes benefit performance wise from the increased carbohydrate consumption yet retain their fat-adapted capacity to fuel most of their aerobic spectrum.

When and how you “sneak” those carbs in is the key…

Naomi Land


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