It’s All About Balance

The underlying theme to the OFM program is, in a word, “balance”. Whether you are looking at the stomach & gut biome, hormones, Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids, macronutrient profile, training versus recovery, water to electrolytes, etc. balance plays a crucial role.

All too often, biological systems are explained in reductionistic terms, without fully identifying all the components, explaining complex interrelationships and/or interactions of components nor the “un-intended consequences”. Often “expert” advice is termed in Black & White certainty or “good” and “bad” when things are simply not that simple.

An example for the athlete reading this are how insulin and blood sugar levels get way out of balance due to the chronic over consumption of concentrated carbohydrates. Conventional sports nutrition focuses on studies focused on the short term performance gains of carbohydrates with complete disregard for how this potentially can disrupt blood sugar and insulin levels. This disruption of balance goes much further; insulin, a hormone, is now unnaturally high thus out of balance with other hormones so your endocrine balance is shifted and not for the better. At the same time carbohydrate consumption shifts the natural balance of the digestive tract biome.

As this one example demonstrates, biological systems are complicated but with awareness, a basic understanding of the underlying physiology and proper tools the athlete has a roadmap to easily achieve the right balance to propel their health, fitness and performance. OFM discusses balance at almost every point in the program whether it is balancing Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids, nutritional balance, to balancing water to electrolyte consumption etc…..even the concept of achieving “balance” in one’s lifestyle including rest & relaxation with work, training and core relationships are all key to unleashing the body’s ability to metabolizing fat at the competition-winning/record-setting/PR-achieving levels VESPA/OFM athletes are experiencing.

Naomi Land


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