Hit Higher Highs is actively involved in local running, triathlon and bike riding events.

Naomi has played an integral role in the organisation and collaboration (and of course competing) of local sporting events for many years.  Naomi’s active involvement in these events means she is well equipped to offer pro-active advice and solutions in any tricky situation.

Not only does Naomi play an important role behind the scenes of many community events, but she is regularly seen out on the course when it all comes to fruition.  Her trade-mark smile and can do attitude is recognisable to all.

Naomi understands the pressures of life and the importance of keeping a balance.  She will tailor a program to suit your needs whether you have a little, or a lot of time.


Bowen Triathlon


Naomi has been heavily involved in the organisation of the Bowen Triathlon for five years.  With its’ scenic course and pristine beaches, Bowen is a popular destination for experienced and beginner triathletes alike.  If you have been sitting on the fence about competing in your first triathlon then jump off and talk to Naomi about how you can make it a reality!  Naomi will assist you with a training plan that will have you off the fence and in the ocean in no time!

If you are a regular competitor to triathlons but want to take it to the next level, Naomi can offer you advice and coaching to tweak your performance.

For more information visit the Whitsunday Triathlon Club website.


Collinsville Bike Ride

The Bowen the Collinsville “Rollacoaster” Ride has been an annual event in Bowen since …..    The ride is tough and not to be underestimated.

Naomi has been a key organiser in this event since ….  When it comes to competitive bike rides, Naomi doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk too.  She has participated in many endurance rides including 5 Tour De Cure’s.  The Rollacoaster Ride is for beginners and experienced riders, but is not for the faint of heart!  Whether it’s your first time or you want to beat the rest up the range, Naomi can assist you with a training package that will have you off the couch and in the saddle in no time.

Naomi and her husband Owen are keen participants in the annual Rollacoaster Ride.  Naomi can be seen with her trademark smile, offering advice (and giving Owen cheek) as participants roll throughout the scenic rollercoaster that is the Bowen to Collinsville Ride.




Airlie Beach Running Festival

Naomi is always on hand to assist with the organisation of this spectacular event.  Offering a variety of distances from 5 km to the newly introduced marathon in 2017, this event caters for all.  Naomi’s experience is endurance running means that she can give you advice and training to compete at your best, no matter the distance.  Perhaps you tackled the 5km last year and want to step it up to 10km, or even the half marathon!  Maybe you want to smash last year’s time.  Whatever your goals, Naomi can help you achieve them.

When you participate in the Airlie Beach Running Festival, don’t forget to keep an eye out for Naomi.  You might just see her as a pacer – wearing a pink tutu, sporting a balloon and blowing a whistle.  And of course, don’t forget the smile.

For more information visit the Airlie Beach Running Festival website.




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What our clients have to say...

  • I came to Naomi for some coaching advice back in March 2016. At the time I had been just coming back from an injury. When we first started working together I was primarily a runner. However, after less then one year of working with her I now officially consider myself an athlete. From triathlons, to obstacle course racing, to ultra running this lady has helped me achieve goals beyond my wildest dream. She rouse to every occasion, keeping training fun, creative and stress free. I learnt the difference between quality and quantity. I also learnt how to let go of the outcome and just trust in the process. I gained a trust and built a very special relationship with her. I don't just consider Naomi a coach, she's a best friend and someone I truly admire. From talking about training loads to personal life she was always there for me.
    Arielle Fitzgerald