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At Hit Higher High’s we have a passion for knowledge and development through the world of nutrition and coaching.  We know that theories and practices are constantly changing and we ensure to keep up to date on the latest developments to ensure our clients and athletes receive the quality coaching they desire.

At Hit Higher High’s we are the real deal.  There are so many myths surrounding the world of nutrition and endurance coaching, many of which can’t be backed up by experience and some of which can be down right dangerous.  Thanks to years of competitive training, backed up with certifications in fitness, nutrition, altitude training and more, we are able to confidently offer you the best of the best training that doesn’t just end when you cross the finish line.  Our training will ensure you’re comfortable through lifestyle changes, recovery post event.

We are driven by results, fuelled by passion and thrive on the challenge.

At Hit Higher Highs our commitment to you, your goals and your results sets us apart from the rest.  We recognise that every athlete is individual and unique.  Our realistic and practical approach to you and your training means that you will have a training program that suits you, your lifestyle and your needs.

Our coach provides a wealth of knowledge that is backed up by been-there-done-that experience. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.   Your coach will guide you through your journey and it’s inevitable peaks and troughs, offering practical assistance and sound advice where required.

At Hit Higher Highs, our business is your success.


Naomi LandWho are we?

Naomi Land is the owner and founder of Hit Higher Highs and believes in individual, personalised attention for every customer.

“As an age group athlete, I spent and wasted money on gadgets to make me leaner, stronger and faster,” says Naomi, a busy working mother of two young children. “Many didn’t make a great deal of difference. After purchasing another company’s system and not being satisfied first-hand with the service and back-up, I decided to find the best brand in the world with the most expertise, to really make a difference to people’s needs.”

“I felt Hypoxico were the most innovative provider of AT systems and their back-up service and knowledge is second to none. I also found that using this machine made a huge difference to my health and, after being told I couldn’t fall pregnant (after many IVF attempts), I fell pregnant naturally with a huge training load. I was the healthiest I had ever been in my life. I got stronger, leaner and faster and achieved the results I was looking for. I now want to share this with other people.”

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