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  • OFM Aerobic Base Training

    OFM Aerobic Base Training

    Aerobic base training is the first step to make after the athlete has made the physiological shift to burning fat as...

  • Mighty Mitochondria

    Mighty Mitochondria

    Mitochondria are literally your cells energy powerhouse. This is where ATP is produced. On a cellular level the more...

  • Individual Variations and Variables

    Individual Variations and Variables

    The genetics card is in inevitably one of the first mentioned when it comes to variability and one most...

  • Carb Sneak

    Carb Sneak

    “The Carb Sneak”: The Carb Sneak is a strategy developed by VESPA and incorporated into its OFM program as part...


What our clients have to say...

  • I first discussed with Naomi my goals and ambitions whilst we were both on the 2016 Tour de Cure Signature Tour riding from Brisbane to Sydney. One of my goals which I am currently training towards is the Port Macquarie 140.6 Ironman in 2017. Naomi was aware that I am a very competitive athlete that can oversubscribe to Ironman 70.3, Marathons, cycling events. After being able to take a step back and take an overall look at my current training plan and nutrition; it was clear I was not training efficiently. It was only going to be a matter of time before something had to give. Naomi re-wrote my training plan to ensure I was efficiently training without burnout. Each week Naomi has training plan across all disciplines which was structured and easy to follow. It wasn't too long before I could see results in my times.

    Ben Boyd
  • I came to Naomi for some coaching advice back in March 2016. At the time I had been just coming back from an injury. When we first started working together I was primarily a runner. However, after less then one year of working with her I now officially consider myself an athlete. From triathlons, to obstacle course racing, to ultra running this lady has helped me achieve goals beyond my wildest dream. She rouse to every occasion, keeping training fun, creative and stress free. I learnt the difference between quality and quantity. I also learnt how to let go of the outcome and just trust in the process. I gained a trust and built a very special relationship with her. I don't just consider Naomi a coach, she's a best friend and someone I truly admire. From talking about training loads to personal life she was always there for me.
    Arielle Fitzgerald
  • When I first met Nomes I was a 'gonna' person.  As in "I'm gonna do that one day". One day I made the mistake of saying "I'm gonna do a half marathon this year" within ear shot of Nomes.  And the rest is history. I am not like a lot of the athletes Nomes coaches.  In fact, I wouldn't even use the word athlete to describe myself.  I am a mother to three small children, wife to a shift worker, and a full time worker myself.  In March 2015 I was overweight and had an unhealthy relationship with food and alcohol.  Despite this, I expressed the desire to run a half marathon in August of that year.  In spite of myself and my subconscious desire to stand in my own way I was successful.  I ran (albeit very slowly) all of the way through 21.1 kilometers.  Without Nomes it just wouldn't have been done.  I wish I could say that by the time I ran my first half marathon my relationship with food and alcohol had improved.  What had improved was my coping skills and the ability to push myself to the limit.  Had Nomes not been the kind of coach she is then I most certainly would have given up.  She understands the pressures surrounding mothers, both stay at home and working, the self doubt we as women inevitably feel about ourselves, as well as the undeniable frustration from the moronic men in our lives!

    Peta Vernon
  • I teamed up with Naomi Land as a coach to help me with my goal of completing a Half Ironman over in New Zealand in December 2016.  I loved having the personalised program to follow and the electronic availability allowed me to easily access the sessions wherever I was.  It also made me accountable which helped with my motivation as most of my training was on my own. She tailored the program around my unexpected injuries and family and business commitments throughout the coaching time.  Her feedback was welcome and she was always available to listen to the highs and lows!  She focused on the physical, mental and nutritional aspects of competing in the event and I would thoroughly recommend her services. I smashed my personal goals, thanks Naomi!


Vespa Ultra Concentrate

We are the Australian distributors of Vespa Ultra Concentrate.

Vespa Ultra-Concentrate is an All-Natural Supplemented Food Product containing Honey, Propolis, Royal Jelly and Wasp Extract along with Citric & Ascorbic Acid to balance pH to food safety standards. Vespa UC is popular with athletes of all sports as a low calorie Supplemented Food to use before and during physical activity.

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